New true crime podcast strand to be available on BBC Sounds

The Crime Next Door is a brand-new true crime strand for BBC Sounds.

BBC teams in the nations and regions will make all episodes to create storytelling from communities across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This new section will become its own brand where all local true crime podcasts will be available, including An Assassin Comes to Town from BBC Radio Scotland.

Other podcasts include, The Servants And The Saints from BBC Radio Ulster, Death on Ffynnon Farm from BBC Wales and other podcasts like The Kidnapping of Stephanie Slater from Radio Nottingham, the Body in the Tree from BBC Hereford and Worcester and In Court: The Trial of Constance Marten and Mark Gordon from BBC South.

As with all BBC local productions, the focus is not on the crime but how it impacted on the surrounding community and told exclusively by local story tellers.

Chris Burns, Controller of Local Audio Commissioning for the BBC said: “BBC radio teams across the nations have a unique connection with audiences; they are closest to stories and the people impacted.”

“If we are covering a news story, we do so through the eyes of our audiences and where they live, not the lens of Westminster. If we are doing a story about the NHS, we need to hear from those impacted and we use those stories to hold local leaders and politicians to account.

“In sport we provide commentary on every local game and provide regular forums where fans can praise – and grumble.”

The Crime Next Door will be available on BBC Sounds this Spring alongside other local podcast strands.

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