Acast podcasters to get exclusive discount on Nomono Sound Capsule

Acast and Nomono have entered into a new partnership which will offer a discount to Acast podcasters.

Under terms of the deal, Acast podcasters and the company’s global studios will receive a 20% discount on Nomono’s award-winning Sound Capsule.

The Nomono Sound Capsule lets creators take their podcasts with them wherever they go. It’s a Wi-Fi enabled portable recorder that combines four ultra-compact wireless mics with a 360-degree spatial audio microphone array and weighs less than 4 pounds.

The Sound Capsule is currently the only portable spatial audio recording device on the market.

Kristine Snyder, CEO at Nomono said: “Acast is not only one of the largest podcast companies in the world, but home to the highest-quality creators as well.

“That’s why we wanted to form this partnership and help some of the best podcasters in the world to create an even more memorable experience for audiences”.

Acast podcasters will be contacted by Acast shortly with the exclusive offer code for their Nomono Sound Capsule.

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