McFly’s Harry Judd to host BBC Sounds music mix for London Marathon

Musician and fitness enthusiast, Harry Judd is the host of BBC Sounds latest music offering, Pace Setter: Marathon Mix.

The Marathon Mix is 4.5 hours of specialist running music, hosted by Harry, with motivation and tips throughout, to give a soundtrack to the marathon experience.

Harry is taking part in the London Marathon this month and will help guide others on their own marathon journey from training sessions to completing the course.

After the marathon, Harry will continue to host a regular podcast on BBC Sounds called Pace Setter: Run with Harry, where he’ll curate music mixes and motivate and guide people through their workouts. 

After experiencing huge success with McFly, Harry turned to fitness to get balance in his life. He published his first fitness book, Get Fit Get Happy, in 2017, which detailed the mood-boosting benefits of fitness, and has run the London Marathon three times. before previously.

His first time was in 2008, then again in 2013, when after the marathon did a show with McFly the next night. In 2022 he completed the course with a personal best time of three hours 14 seconds.

Harry says: “Although I’ve been lucky enough to have huge success in my career as part of McFly, there have been times when I have felt fitness, and running in particular, has helped me keep a balance and the mood-boosting benefits of fitness have become such an important part of my daily routine.

“I know all too well the importance of a great soundtrack when working out, and I have always liked to listen to motivating music whilst I train. I know music goes hand in hand with training for so many others too and I hope this ‘Marathon Mix’ will help motivate and encourage people to get to the finish line!”

Pace Setter: Marathon Mix is available now on BBC Sounds and Pace Setter: Run with Harry launches later in May.

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