Roman and Martin Kemp host brand-new podcast together

FFS! My Dad Is Martin Kemp is the new podcast hosted by father and son, 80’s musician Martin Kemp, and presenter Roman Kemp.

Each week will see Roman ask his dad a series of questions about life to immortalise all his advice in podcast form, in the hope of sharing with his own children one day.

From death and parties to space and marriage, nothing is off the table. Together, they discuss Martin’s life’s experiences and some jaw-dropping stories to curate an audio library of advice.

Episode one is all about the end destination, as Roman asks his dad a load of questions around death.

Martin talks about his hopes when he eventually enters the pearly gates of heaven, his own health battles and how he now lives his life with full gratitude, and his surprising chosen ‘song to go out on’.

Across the series, the pair also share their thoughts on the realities of fame, the best parenting style, conspiracies from space and some of their craziest headlines.

Roman says: “I did the podcast because people are always telling me that my dad being the celebrity that he is and the ‘legend’ that they say he is, I should always take as much advice off him as possible, so I always wanted to make sure that I knew everything about different subjects and advice that he would give me after he’s dead.

“Because let’s be honest, we all die, and at some point, he thinks within the next 14 years, he’s gonna die. So why not write it all down? And also, given the title, I wanted to be able to say that it’s quite annoying having to get all this knowledge just because of who he is. So, it quite literally is FFS!”

Martin adds: “For so long people have asked me, ‘Why aren’t you and Roman doing a podcast?’ well here it is, from our living room sofa to the Gogglebox sofa to the erm.. the sofa!

“When Roman first told me he had an idea, I should have guessed it wasn’t going to be your normal podcast! We both cried with laughter making this, I hope you enjoy it just as much!”

FFS! My Dad is Martin Kemp is an Insanity Studio production and launches on all podcast platforms on Wednesday 1 May.

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