New BBC Sounds and 6 Music series features Courtney Love

A new eight-part series for BBC Sounds and BBC Radio 6 Music sees Courtney Love share the soundtrack to her life and the music that made her.

Courtney Love’s Women sees the founder and lead singer of Hole reflect on the women in music who have shaped her journey, her sound and her next chapter. She does this with her friend and music-podcaster and writer, Rob Harvilla.

It’s a varied soundtrack across musical eras, championing female artists along the way.

Throughout the series, Courtney talks about discovering disco, reciting Sylvia Plath poetry for a Mickey Mouse Club audition, her love of Billie Holiday and Nina Simone, her time at an all-girl boarding school and in juvenile detention, couch-surfing across America,  struggles with drug abuse, her acting career, how she tried to matchmake Stevie Nicks and Billy Corgan, hanging out with Debbie Harry at a Limp Bizkit album launch, Gwen Stefani, her relationship with Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain, taking pandemic guitar lessons with The Big Moon’s Juliet Jackson and much more.

Samantha Moy, Head of BBC Radio 6 Music says: “Courtney Love is an icon and a trailblazer – her influence on music and culture over the decades is undeniable.

“At 6 Music, we invite artists to share their stories directly with their fans and our listeners and I’m very proud that Courtney will be hosting a series of incredible shows for us in April.

“Halfway through the series, on Friday 12th April, we’ll celebrate the 30th anniversary of one of Courtney’s most powerful works – Hole’s ‘Live Through This’ – by dedicating the schedule to her music, the music that influenced her and the artists she’s inspired in Courtney Love Forever.”

Episodes 1-4 will be available on BBC Sounds from Monday 8 April and broadcast on 6 Music on Monday 8 – Thursday 11 April, 11pm-12pm.

Episodes 5-8 will be available on BBC Sounds from Monday 15 April and broadcast on 6 Music on Monday 15 – Thursday 18 April, 11pm-12pm.

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