Podcast Day 24 gets underway – LATEST UPDATES


It’s time for North America and the final leg of Podcast Day 24! 

We say goodbye to Europe and hello to Podcast Day 24 in North America. The sessions have started so if you haven’t done so already register to attend! 

We started with Conal Bryan – “podcasting has to catch up in terms of diversity for women, persons of colour and different ethnicity”, he said spoke about some of the fantastic podcasts which support podcasters in from different backgrounds, “this medium lets you be who you are and tell the stories you want!”.

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11.45am update:

The Receipts opened Podcast Day 24 Europe by saying: “Audiences pick up something you are truly passion about, talk about your genuine interests will come across and makes for good listening”. Also be consistent this isn’t going to be an overnight success!”

Jake Warren in the Spotlight with a message about quality “never scale to the detriment of your quality”.

“Getting NDR Coronacast on-air was fast,” said Norbert Grundei. They stayed at number 1 on the Apple chart for 4 months! Youtube was a huge influencer for content also, streams are 1 million per episode, the numbers are very impressive and noted at the end that the success of the podcast is due to the team!

‘Go experiment! That’s the beauty of podcasting!’ A panel bringing their insights from different parts of the podcast world, Clarissa Pabi, Acast, James Cator, Spotify, Jackob Munck, Munck Studios. They talked about commissioning why, when and who and then once you have the podcast, how do you work with the creators to get the best podcast! This was an in-depth session giving a wealth of information on commissioning! Coming down the line, more scripted and international podcasts, less blur in funding was the final thought from this panel.

The story of Bear radio in Berlin is about the growth of a holistic podcast production house. Contacts and clients now come to the team of Julia Joubert and Jill Beytin but at the start, in their words, they hustled hard. The key to their success was a large client that really took them to the next level. However, community is at the heart of Bear radio!

Petter Sommer from NRK gave the audience some rules for podcasting, his rules were basically good rules for life – be nice, tell good stories, be honest, be accountable and make quality content including quality sound. He also spoke about visibility.

How has mental health issues helped create a podcast that has won multiple awards, Dan Maudsley from Paradise Podcast spoke about his path to success. He gave a shout out to all the people who helped him on the podcast but said that podcasters with passion, drive and who chase things others thing are impossible should not get too formulaic.

DR needs to be more entertaining and captivating, there gaps in DR’s podcast catalogue. The DR research department is working hard on filling the gaps and attracting new listeners. A fully packed research presentation and although Denmark is a smaller market a great test case of what you need to be thinking about in terms of audience.

Coming up:

Fearne Cotton, Broadcaster, Writer, Podcaster, UK, Suruthi Bala, Hannah Maguire, Hosts, RedHanded, UK, Tony Philips, Editorial Consultant, UK, Adam Bowie, Business Development Manager, BBC World Service, UK, Craig Strachan, Amazon Music, Christina Moore, Don’t Skip Media, Andrea Marsh DAX Global, Lisette Preston-Barnes, Xperi, Preeti Naini, Gracenote, Sophie von der Tann, ARD What if, and many more…the day is hosted by Rhiannon Dhillon.


Podcast Day 24, the 24-hour online and in-person event has opened in Australia and will then move to Europe followed by North America.

The event brings together over 100 speakers, in over 90 sessions from each of the regions across 24 hours, firstly live at Sydney’s Overseas Passenger Terminal and online to more than a thousand viewers across the world.

In his opening statement James Cridland said: “It’s 7.25 in New York; Midnight 25 in London; 9.25 in Melbourne; and around the world it’s time for the planet’s podcasting conference. Welcome to Podcast Day 24 – with Omny Studio.”

He went on to say that sadly Melbourne is back in lockdown and that it’s been a long time since many in the room were part of an in-person event. He also thanked the ABC who’s Ozpod event “is responsible in large part for the health of the podcasting industry in this country”.

The conference started with a look at some of the trends in Australia podcasting today.

Sessions have so far covered podcast listening trends; a huge leap for listening in Australia in 2021, with a growing number of listeners on platforms such as iHeart and Spotify in the opening session with Richard Palmer, Triton Digital and Jamie Chaux, Commercial Radio Australia.

Kellie Riordan joined the event in the Spotlight talking about her journey in the podcast world. Her motivation and inspiration. She said: “The future is independent production’. She also said, “Be format driven, Be Audience focused – put audience at the centre of every decision you make!”

There’s also been advice on how to engage with listeners – “You should have one call to action!…Your audience is probably doing other things so you need to be clear,” said Andrew Davies, ABC.

The team from Coronacast joined the event. This was a session in which the hosts and Dr Norman Swan, Tegan Taylor, and Coronacast’s producer, Will Ockenden were interviewed by Steve Ahern OAM.

They had a frank and open discussion on how they create the podcast, how to connect with the audience, the role they’ve played in the pandemic.

Will also went into detail about how the tailor content to be used at national and local level. It’s clear they put the audience at the centre of their podcast design as they join in the efforts to provide public health information for the whole country.

Nicole Goodman from Sound Cartel delivered her thoughts on why quality sound and audio is important and how full-service audio branding, content and podcast production is at the heart of Sound Cartel.

Monetisation is a hot topic and joining James Cridland on a panel to discuss this were Richard Phelps, Xperi, Sam Moles, Whooshkaa, Fayad Tohme, NOVA Entertainment. They discussed premium podcast content, building catalogues of talent and if there is still room for growth who could be potential advertisers. The panel discussed ad insertion, content and context and taking advantage on what you know. A really knowledgeable panel discussing what you should be doing to drive revenue.

It’s still possible to register to watch live or on catch up after the event – details HERE.

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