‘Sauna twins’ turn up the heat on family business podcast

The brothers behind a County Durham firm which designs and builds authentic Finnish saunas, Finnmark Sauna, are the latest guests to share their story on the podcast It Runs In The Family.   

Nicknamed the sauna twins, Finnmark Sauna co-founders Jake and Max Newport launched the venture to introduce the authentic Finnish sauna experience to the UK and educate Brits about how to build and use a proper Finnish sauna properly and get full range of their health benefits.  

Jake, who has recently been named sauna ambassador by Sauna from Finland, and Max join mother and daughter podcast hosts, Liz and Leila Willingham, on It Runs In The Family to discuss the values that drive the industry-leading team, their appreciation for holistic wellbeing, and how as twins they connect to their business’ mission and successes.

Sharing their passion for authentic Finnish sauna experiences on episode 16 of the podcast, the pair discuss the unique transition from brothers to business partners, and how their different skill sets combine with family values to create such a successful dynamic.

On the episode, Jake explains: “A lot of siblings are very similar and so there’s a clash of similar personalities, whereas Max and I are two very, very different people. We have two very different sets of skills, which lend ourselves to operating two quite distinct arms of the business.”

Max adds: “When I’m winning, my brother is winning too. It’s a really fulfilling feeling to know that every time I progress, or Jake progresses, we progress as a pair of people, as a family, and you could extrapolate that metaphor for the whole Finnmark team.”

On the inspiration to introduce the Finnish sauna experience to the UK, Jake says; “We both ended up trying a real sauna and just thinking this is so different from everything that we have here in the UK, so much more enjoyable, so much more relaxing.”

It Runs In The Family podcast was set up by Liz Willingham, founder and managing director of PR and communications agency Liz Lean PR, and her daughter Leila, who is business and PR account manager at the agency.

The latest episode of It Runs in the Family is available on most podcast platforms or the Liz Lean PR website.

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