Steffi Hill’s Psychic Scoop podcast launches its latest series

The Psychic Scoop podcast with Spirit Sis, which is focused on astrocartography, has launched a new series.

Host Steffi Hill presents a show dedicated to the mystical realms of astrology and more.

Astrocartography is the concept that there is an ideal place to live based on an individual’s birth chart. Steffi Hill, affectionately known as “Spirit Sis” to her followers, brings her knowledge and insights into the mix, to make every episode an exploration of cosmic connections like never before.

Steffi, a psychic medium, intuitive energy healer and astrologer, deciphers the complex interplay between one’s birth chart and the energetic influences of different locations on earth. Spirit Sis is known for helping individuals find their purpose and tap into their true potential by way of her podcast and social channels.

Psychic Scoop with Spirit Sis is available on all major podcast platforms, and listeners can subscribe to receive the latest episodes as they’re released.

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