Frequency partners Barometer for contextual targeting in podcast ads

Frequency and Barometer have partnered to offer clients the next generation of contextual targeting designed for podcast ads.

Frequency is a leader in workflow automation and ad management for audio, and Barometer is an independent brand suitability and contextual targeting solution for podcast advertising.

The partnership will provide the creative tools and targeting to deliver contextually relevant ad creative to make one to one connections with podcast listeners. Advertisers will have enhanced capabilities for curating the ideal context to reach listeners.

Powered by AI, Barometer scans, analyses and categorises podcasts at the show and episode level. Contextual segments are created and made available to advertisers for targeting based on categories, such as host gender, content category, genre, keywords, topic sentiment and brand safety.

Once contextual segments are selected and aligned with creative, ads are delivered using VAST tags across any audio publisher. Results down to the segment and creative level provide insights into the performance by content and context, facilitating data-driven optimizations to improve ROI.

“Barometer’s bottom-up, episodic contextual analysis enables a new level of contextual targeting that was not possible before,” says Tamara Zubatiy, CEO and Co-Founder of Barometer. “In the absence of this analysis, the status quo was relying on genre categories or even show descriptions.”

Pete Jimison, CEO of Frequency adds: “Context is king in podcast advertising, and our partnership will enable any advertiser or publisher to deliver the right creative to a listener based on the content they’re listening to.

“Frequency will make it easy for podcast networks to run variations of host-read ads that align with the content of the episode. It’s an exciting evolution for dynamic ad insertion technology to make creative more relevant without limiting audience reach.”

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