Why I Run podcast launches World Earth Day special

In honour of World Earth Day 2022, the eighth episode of Why I Run, released today, explores why running makes us feel connected to the environment.

This week, hosts Erin and Ayo aree joined by Erik Ahlström, founder of Plogga, and professional rock climber Sasha DiGiulian to explore the topic.

Having made history in 2012 as the first woman to climb grade 9a, Sasha DiGiulian is passionate about protecting the environment. As someone who is most at peace outdoors, she urges all of us to interact more with the environment and to work towards the goal of preventing climate change: “When you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you can see the devastation firsthand when running and interacting with nature. It’s really apparent that we are abusing our natural surroundings”.

As the founder of Plogga, a Swedish initiative to pick up litter whilst being on a run, protecting the environment lies at the heart of Erik Ahlström’s mission.

Together with other runners, he sometimes competes about who picks up the most litter because the feeling afterwards is so rewarding: “The reason why I started ‘plogging’ was because there was trash everywhere and no one seemed to care. Now I’m organising plogging events in which picking up litter becomes a competition, almost like a treasure hunt. It’s so crazy, we are actually racing for trash”.

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