Andi and Miquita Oliver launch new podcast Stirring it Up

Stirring It Up with Andi and Miquita Oliver is a new podcast from the mother-daughter duo, brought to you with YAYA and OffScript.

Renowned for their talents in the culinary and entertainment worlds, they have crafted this podcast to embody the power of shared experiences.

Andi and Miquita invite audiences to gather around their kitchen table for a feast of laughter, vulnerability, and conversations about all things food, culture, and the human experience.

The podcast comes from Andi’s home where the kitchen table is a place of connection and community for Andi and Miquita. Now, they are extending this invitation to the listeners, opening the doors to their intimate conversations and culinary adventures with their chosen guests.

Each episode of “Stirring It Up” will feature a notable guest and their plus-one, engaging in thought-provoking discussions while sharing a meal prepared by Andi.

Guests lined up to appear on the show include Jordan Stevens, Elizabeth Day, Cathy Burke, Steve Jones and more.

The podcast will also be filmed, so audiences will feel like they are right there at the table, to capture every moment of connection and laughter. Guests will enjoy drinks created by Miquita and food made by Andi and her team.

Andi and Miquita Oliver said: “It just feels like exactly the right time for us to be leaping into the podcast world!

“Working with both audio and visual feels so natural to us and we’re so excited and ready to enter this new world of broadcasting.

“It’s important to bring who we are to this brand-new project by doing what we’ve always done, having people come round to ours, to be fed and loved up! It’s how we’ve grown our family and our community, so it feels right to share that love with everyone.”

Stirring It Up with Andi and Miquita Oliver is a part of the Acast Creators Network and launches today, 29 June 2023 via Acast.

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