Angellica Bell launches podcast challenging retirement stereotypes

Rewirement is a new podcast from Legal & General, hosted by Angellica Bell, which explores how we can achieve a healthy, happy, fulfilling and financially comfortable retirement and talks to inspiring people who are on their way to doing it.

As a freelancer, broadcaster Angellica Bell knows the importance of planning for the future. In Rewirement, she opens up the conversation on retirement in this eight-part podcast series, challenging the stereotypes on what we can achieve when we retire and looking at what we can all be doing to make sure we have a plan in place for it.

In each episode, Angellica talks to two retired individuals who are doing incredible things. These include Mick the coal miner turned ski instructor and Jacky, who went from working for an airline to obtaining a Masters in Forensic Psychology in her 50s and now flourishing as a county councillor.

Also, each episode looks at a different area of retirement, such as how to keep mentally and physically fit, relocating later in life and an LGBTQ+ retirement.

Guests talk about how they opened a new chapter on their lives, changed their mindsets on retirement, the happiness it has given them and why there’s no limitations on what you can do later in life. A career change doesn’t have to be something reserved for the under-25s, nor does retirement have to be about puzzle mags and cups of tea!

While the opportunities are endless, the podcast highlights the importance of planning. Top financial experts break down the retirement facts, looking at everything from how not to retire – opportunities in the job sector for older people – to how coronavirus has affected retirement, and the reasons that have led to men having almost double in their pensions pots than women.

As a conversation that needs to be had well in advance of retiring, you’ll hear some take away tips on what we can all be doing to make sure we have a plan in place.

Some interesting facts:

  • On average, men over 50 have £82,311 in their pension pots, compared to £43,013 for women
  • 1 in 3 women over 50 don’t know how much money is in their pension pot
  • 1.5 million people plan to delay their retirement because of Covid-19
  • A third of over 50s in work have seen a decrease in their household income by an average of £500
  • The Open University and Legal & General have a free course on money and retirement planning

Rewirement launches Thursday 27 May on Apple, Spotify and all podcast providers.

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