Audible launches podcast telling story of one of Scotland’s oldest cases

Coatbridge: The Disappearance of Moira Anderson is a new Audible Original about the case of the 11-year-old girl who went missing in Scotland in 1957.

For the first time, the full story is told from the perspective of Sandra Brown, a neighbour who became closer to the case than she ever would have imagined.

Set in a small, tight-knit working-class town, the podcast series delves into the mysterious disappearance of Moira.

Across nine episodes, the series begins with the fallout from Moira’s disappearance and how quickly the investigation went cold, leaving nothing but a haunting memory. Decades later, during a conversation at a funeral, Sandra Brown hears an offhand comment which sets her world spinning.

Sandra recounts the story in her own words with journalist Rachael Revesz. With new insights into developments from 2006 to the present, the podcast also hears from relatives, police detectives and journalists who covered the case.

 Archive audio, and tapes from hypnotherapy sessions Sandra underwent in her search for answers are also featured. As the full story comes to light, Sandra uncovers a culture of abuse, secrets and lies from those closest to her.

Coatbridge: The Disappearance of Moira Anderson is available exclusively on Audible from today, 27 June.

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