Bauer Media Audio launches new climate change podcast

Bauer Media Audio has launched a new climate change podcast to kick-start the countdown to COP26.

So, You Want To Save The Planet?, sponsored by Ocean Winds, examines the questions on all of our minds as Glasgow prepares to host the UN Climate Change Conference in November.

In the new series, Natalie Crawford-Goodwin and Lewis Michie investigate how climate change will continue to affect our everyday lives in the future, and discover how we can all work together to save the planet.

Has the pandemic changed the way you think about the climate? Are you taking greater care of our natural resources, or are you desperate to get back to the everyday commute? And how do you think Covid-19 will impact our long-term efforts to save the planet? These questions and so many more are all up for discussion in the 10-part series.

As thousands of Scots prepare to jet off this October break, episode four – ‘The Planet &… Your Holidays’ – shines a spotlight on how flying impacts the climate, and the changes we can all make to travel more sustainably.

Future episodes include The Planet &… Your Plate, addressing the roles the agriculture and food production sectors play in climate change, and The Planet &… Your Wardrobe, discussing fast fashion and online retailing.

Natalie is an award-winning journalist and a busy mum trying to win the work-life balance everyday whilst figuring out how regular families like her own can do their bit to help fight climate change.

Natalie Crawford-Goodwin, podcast presenter and Senior Reporter at Radio Clyde News, said: “As hundreds of world leaders prepare to gather right here in Glasgow for the COP26 summit, scientists are warning that we’re quickly running out of time to stop the devastating impact of climate change. So, as the politicians debate the big picture, what changes can we make at home – and will they actually make a difference?

“So, You Want To Save The Planet? focuses on the part we can all play in stopping climate change, answering some of our listeners most pressing questions and opening up the discussion around these critical issues. It’s a podcast for everyone; regular people who want to do their bit to help fight climate change, but might not know where to start.”

So, You Want To Save The Planet? launched on Monday 13 September, with its fourth episode released today (Monday 20 September). New episodes will be available every Monday from Apple podcasts, Spotify, the Planet Radio website and all mainstream podcast providers.

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