Bonus episode of A Murder Without End released after Signal Awards win

A bonus episode of the A Murder Without End podcast has been released following its double win at the recent Signal Awards.

The podcast won a silver for Best Indie Podcast for a limited series and special, as well as the listener’s choice, voted on by the public.

The true crime nine-episode series was the first from experienced print reporter Tristan Stewart-Robertson about Scottish double killer Phillip Harkins who was accused of the 1999 murder of Joshua Hayes in Jacksonville, then fled to Scotland where he killed a gran in Greenock in 2003.

He was jailed for causing death by dangerous driving and then fought being sent back to the US, becoming one of Britain’s longest running extradition fights.

The case twice went to the European Court of Human Rights before he was eventually sent to Florida in July 2017.

Tristan said: “I am immensely proud that my first podcast has been recognised by some of the industry’s best, as well as listeners.

“True crime isn’t just about how someone died. It’s also about the efforts towards justice that follow. And ultimately this story is about two families destroyed in two different continents by Phillip Harkins.”

In the bonus episode to the series released after the Signal Award nominations, Tristan was interviewed by colleague Maxine McArthur and asked about the legacy for the podcast.

Tristan said he hoped more people would “pay attention” to all levels of courts. Reporters can’t cover everything and from local cases to the ECHR, there are thousands of impactful cases.

But he also encouraged listeners to continue supporting independent podcasters, both through ratings and recommendations, but also by financial support.

Tristan used his evenings and weekends over five years to write, record and edit A Murder Without End, spending thousands of pounds of his own money to tell a story that needed to be reported.

“Journalism isn’t free to make,” said Tristan. “I’m sorry, it’s not. But I have to believe it matters.

“The recognition of Signal judges and my listeners is very much appreciated. And I hope to tell more stories that matter in the future.”

The full series and bonus episode of A Murder Without End is available here.

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