Cheat! new podcast with inside stories behind world’s biggest scandals

A new Somethin’ Else podcast series, Cheat! uncovers the inside stories behind some of the biggest scandals in contemporary history.

There are cheats in every corner of society. People who cheat the system, large-scale frauds, social media cheats, unfaithful lovers, dopers and con artists… People who play the same game but abide by different rules. People who lead with audacity and take it a step too far. We are fascinated by cheats; we marvel at their rise and loudly applaud their fall.

We think of cheats as existing at the very dregs of our society. But do we ever ask what makes these cheats actually do the bad things they do?

In this new podcast series, we hear about cheating scandals large and small around the globe. From world-class athletes tampering with equipment, to self-taught stock market traders making millions from their bedroom. From everyday citizens to elected presidents with the most power in our society, what are their motivations to cheat? Is it ever justified?

The series is hosted by Emmy award-winning storyteller, professional documentary/fashion photographer and stand-up comedian Alzo Slade. He’s also a former professor at The College of New Rochelle in New York where he taught philosophy. 

alzo slade
Alzo Slade hosts Cheat!

Episodes will include:

  • Navinder Sarao, the self-taught stock market trader responsible for the U.S’s $1 trillion flash crash from his bedroom in Hounslow
  • Atlanta high school cheats who used razor blades and lighters to steal competency tests
  • Boxer Luis Resto, arrested for tampering with his gloves before a big fight
  • Game-show contestant Charles Ingram who coughed his way into winning £1 million
  • Rudy Kurniawan sold homemade wine for millions
  • A website designed for cheating partners with a bigger fallout than expected
  • Donald Trump and other presidents taking liberties in games of golf
  • $63 million worth of fraudulent paintings being sold by New York’s oldest gallery
  • The doping athlete, Marion Jones, who claimed the title as the fastest woman on earth
  • An amateur sailor, Donald Crowhurst, who lied his way through a yacht race around the world 

The first two episodes of Cheat! will launch on Monday 24 May and Tuesday 25 May. New episodes will then be available weekly from Tuesday 1 June on Apple, Spotify, Acast and all podcast providers.

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