Daisy Ridley to host new season of the True Spies podcast

Actress Daisy Ridley is the new host of the global hit espionage podcast True Spies from Spyscape.

She follows previous hosts Hayley Atwell, Vanessa Kirby and Sophia DiMartino presenting the podcast which has been downloaded over 20 million times.

Ridley kicks off her first season as the narrator of a mini-series called The Oswald Project, which tells the shocking story of Lee Harvey Oswald – the alleged assassin of President John F. Kennedy – and his relationship with the CIA.

Was he being trained by the CIA to become a KGB double-agent, so he could take the fall for JFK’s murder? Was he, as he claimed just before his own assassination, “a patsy”?

Edward Norton plays Oswald as if he were being interviewed, by using words spoken and written by Oswald in his diaries, which is a clever twist on the usually unscripted True Spies format.

Norton as Oswald is heard alongside new interviews with leading JFK assassination experts John M. Newman and Jefferson Morely. They shine a light on the so-called “Oswald Project”, a CIA operation to set up Oswald as a KGB double-agent, and the extent of the agency cover-up that followed Kennedy’s assassination.

Daisy Ridley says: “Like everyone, I am fascinated by the mystery of JFK’s assassination and the character of Lee Harvey Oswald, so I’m thrilled to kick off my run as the host of True Spies with this story.

“I am also honoured to take over the True Spies recording booth which has been occupied so beautifully by Hayley Atwell, Vanessa Kirby and Sophia DiMartino.”

Subscribers to SPYSCAPE+ via Apple Podcasts will have exclusive access to the first episode of True Spies: The Oswald Project from 11 July and it will then be available to everyone else from 18 July.

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