Emilia Fox and Professor David Wilson host new true crime podcast

If It Bleeds It Leads is a new podcast exploring the world of true crime hosted by the UK’s leading criminologist, Professor David Wilson and Emilia Fox, star of the UK’s longest running crime drama, Silent Witness.

This explosive podcast follows the 3-part Channel 4 series “In the Footsteps of Killers”, in which Emilia and David turn their hands to cold cases, using the latest forensic science and criminological research to shed new light on these unsolved murders.

Each week David and Emilia will tackle the topical true crimes stories dominating headlines as well as deep dives into true crime focused entertainment.

They’ll talk to people from David’s contact book such as former police officers, crime reporters or ex-offenders – to dissect topical cases before throwing to Emila’s guest to discuss a true crime pick from the world of culture, be it a gripping new book, TV series or blockbuster film.

Across the series the pair talk to Noel “Razor” Smith, Britain’s most prolific bank robber; star of Shetland, Line of Duty and Guilt, Mark Bonnar; Irish investigative journalist Donal MacIntyre; Simon Winlow, former Vice President of the British society of criminology; Sarah Hay, director of Channel 4 series “The Great Train Robbery: The Hidden Tapes”; and many more.

With the series title a reflection of an old media trope used to describe what crimes the media choose to cover and how they choose to cover them, the podcast will examine the enduring public fascination with violent crime stories and murder.

Emilia said: “As a long time fan of listening to podcasts and the genre of crime, I absolutely love collaborating with David again on “If It Bleeds It Leads”.

“In this crime podcast we will cover some fascinating topics, interviewing guests who have committed crime, solved crime, studied crime, been damaged by crime and those who try and bring it to justice.

“We will also meet guests who work in fictional crime and entertainment to try to get to the bottom of what makes crime so interesting to so many people.

“I hope our listeners find it as interesting as I do, getting to talk to experts in the world of crime, and that we can provide an opportunity for our audience to ask the questions they want answered by those involved in crime – both fictional and true.”

David added: “I’m delighted to be working with Mils again – this time on a podcast which brings real depth to understanding why some people commit violent crime and then how violent crime gets portrayed on TV or at the cinema. 

“It is a marvellous mix of reality and fantasy which is certain to appeal to both true crime and crime drama fans alike.”

If It Bleeds It Leads is available on Global Player or wherever you get your podcasts, from 14 June, with new episodes every Monday thereafter.

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