Football Ramble podcast launches Inside The Qatar World Cup

Broadcaster Kate Mason travels to Qatar to explore the most controversial football tournament to date.

As the country gets ready to receive over one million people, Football Ramble launches a weekly three-part documentary, Inside The Qatar World Cup.

Kate spends five days in the country speaking to people on the ground and witnessing the preparations for herself. She hears about the social landscape in Qatar for women and the LGBTQ+ community.

Having lived in Qatar for two years from 2017, Kate understands the country and how hosting the World Cup has changed it.

She speaks to a stadium worker put on duty for 48 hours straight, a security guard placed in a month’s solitary confinement for blogging about his experience, the first Qatari man to come out as gay in 2014, players on the Qatari women’s national football team, officials from the tournament’s organising committee and leading human rights activists on their lived experience in the country.

Football Ramble is the UK’s most popular independent football podcast with over 250 million downloads to date.

The first episode of the three-part documentary Inside the Qatar World Cup, titled How did we get here? is available on all podcast platforms now.

Episodes two and three – Is Qatar ready? and What will this World Cup mean? will be released on Tuesday 15 and Sunday 20 November.

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