Glasgow Subway Journeys podcast celebrates past, present and future

A new podcast series celebrates the Glasgow Subway and its role in the city’s public transport network.

From Strathclyde Partnership for Transport, Glasgow Subway Journeys launches as the subway reaches a milestone in its modernisation programme with new trains expected to enter the system before the end of the year.

Produced by audio production company Voiceworks, the six-part series covers the past, present and future of the system.

The first two episode travel back to 1896 to give a unique insight from Riverside Museum curator John Messner on the history of the Subway and how it has developed and changed over the last 126+ years.  Also featured, is the first female Subway driver Ruth Mather, now 91 years of age. She became a driver for the Subway during the last modernisation in the late 1970s transporting the workers down into the tunnels.

Episodes three and four give a flavour of working life by talking to some of those working in the system and also some passengers.

Episodes five and six look ahead to the future with director of Subway Antony Smith on sustainability plans and the modernisation journey.  SPT chief executive Valerie Davidson also shares her thoughts on why the Subway is such an important part of Glasgow and why it remains so popular with users.

The podcast is presented by Capital Scotland Breakfast show host Fat Brestovci, who says: “Presenting the Subway podcast has been an absolute pleasure. I’ve had a chance to meet some brilliant people who really love the Subway and I think that really comes through in the podcasts. 

“You really get an understanding of what the Subway means to Glasgow and all the people who travel on it every day.  Have a listen and just hear for yourself.”

Voiceworks Director of Content, Kyle Evans said: “The team loved working on this series to bring the story of the Glasgow Subway to life for new audiences.  Not only it’s rich history but the current day-to-day operations and exciting future investment.”

New episodes of Glasgow Subway Journeys are release every Monday, available from Apple, Spotify and Google.

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