Global launch We Can Be Weirdos podcast with Dan Schreiber

Comedian and professional fact-hunter Dan Schreiber hosts a new podcast about the fascinating and peculiar.

In the weekly podcast We Can Be Weirdos, Schreiber meets a fascinating line-up of anything-but-normal guests.

They include the Loch Ness Monster hunter who has lived on the Loch’s banks for over three decades, the Guinness World Record’s Editor-in-Chief who once trained as a psychic spy, the British Museum curator who discovered the world’s oldest ghost and the stand-up comedian who uses magical rituals to write their shows.

The first episode has a worldwide exclusive – a world-renowned neuroscientist who has discovered the holy grail of modern medicine: the cure for chronic pain.

In addition to delving into guest’s fascinating lives, they are also asked questions known as the ‘batshit survey’. Do Dan’s weirdos believe in ghosts, premonitions or telepathy?

These characters often have a theory they are transfixed by, or a mystery in their own life that they’re trying to solve. Dan will investigate and share his own mind-blowing facts and theories too.

Bonus episodes will hear from listeners – their wild ideas, odd theories and unexplainable experiences, creating a global community of like-minded weirdos!

We Can Be Weirdos will be available from Wednesday 17 May on Global Player, the only place you can watch bonus extended interviews, and all podcast platforms.

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