Happiful magazine launches new podcast Finding what works

Happiful, the magazine dedicated to helping people find the mental health and wellbeing support they need, has launched a new podcast.

Finding What Works, hosted by content creator Kat Nicholls, talks to experts and those with lived experience around topics in mental health.

The first series of 10 episodes, released weekly, are solution-focused and talk about mental, physical and emotional health.

Host Kat Nicholls comments: “I’m particularly excited about the way this podcast encourages us to consume content more mindfully. With each theme spanning two episodes – one conversational and one practical – we’re giving listeners more space to reflect on what they learn and the time to put those learnings into practice.”

“I’m also passionate about exploring the grey areas and nuance of wellness within the episodes. I know from my own mental health journey that one-size-fits-all advice rarely works. After recovering from an eating disorder and more recently navigating anxiety, I’ve found so many tools that work for me and just as many that don’t.

“By delving into this nuance, recognising the societal barriers we face and speaking to both professionals and those with lived experience, I hope we can help listeners understand that they’re not alone in what they’re going through and that they can find what works for them.”

Finding What Works is available on Spotify, Apple and Youtube.

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