IMD launches ManagementCast podcast featuring the brightest minds in business

ManagementCast is a new podcast launched by IMD which will explore the attitudes, ideas and strategies that underpin successful companies.

Hosted by journalist JohnJo Devlin, the podcast will feature the brightest minds in business who share their predictions about the future of management.

The first four short-form episodes will delve into the topic of customer-centricity with Seán Meehan, Professor of Marketing & Change Management and Dean of Faculty at IMD, an award-winning author on customer-centricity.

Kicking off the series, Seán outlines the true meaning of customer-centricity: “It’s about putting the customer at the centre of your business universe. You have an outside view of them, their interests, their life, their needs, their wants, and you prioritize creating value for them in a way that’s sustainable for companies, and stakeholders.

“You’re trying to see things from their perspective, not from your perspective. You’re asking yourself what are they seeing, what are their needs?”

Exploring how businesses can develop a customer-centric culture internally, Seán shares the importance of stakeholder backing: “First and foremost, leadership has to be convinced that the business exists to create customer value.

“They have to be consequential in their commitment to that and must be very clear with all stakeholders that this is why they exist, and this is how they’re going to manage the business. In doing so, they come with this understanding that what they will do will be good for all stakeholders in time and will satisfy the various stakeholders by prioritizing customers.”

The pair also delve into what the pitfalls for success are once you’ve developed a customer-centric approach, as well as looking ahead to the future to explore whether this concept may become more or less important in a post-pandemic and increasingly digitized world.

ManagementCast is available on Apple, Spotify, and all major podcast platforms.

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