Johnnie Walker and wife Tiggy in special BBC Sounds show for Carers Week

A special BBC Sounds exclusive show, Walker and Walker: Johnnie and Tiggy, hears the pair open up about life challenges for Carers Week.

Radio legend Johnnie has been a constant companion to many, from his days unveiling the latest charts on Radio 1, through guiding us home in Drivetime on Radio 2, and up to today sharing the Sounds of the 70s as the perfect Sunday soundtrack, as well as the weekly edition of The Rock Show.

His radio career and life challenges have been well documented and to mark Carers Week on Radio 2, in this programme exclusively for BBC Sounds, Johnnie and his wife, producer and writer Tiggy, discuss life, love and death, in a frank and searingly honest conversation.

They intimately share the story of their life together, from the day they met to the current day, as Tiggy cares for Johnnie as he faces many health challenges.

Tiggy Walker was also a guest on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2 today, Monday 10 June, which included excerpts from the programme, as part of a discussion around Carers Week on the programme.

Walker and Walker: Johnnie and Tiggy is available on BBC Sounds now and will also be aired on BBC Radio 2 on Sunday 16 June, 3-4am.

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