LadBaby Partners with Global for debut podcast Live Laugh Love

Chart-topping social media stars LadBaby aka Mark and Roxanne Hoyle have launched their debut podcast Live Laugh Love.

Partnering with Global, the podcast has an exclusive long-term ad sales deal with DAX, the UK’s largest digital advertising exchange.

In just five years, through their videos, five no.1 Christmas charity songs, best-selling children’s books and sell-out clothing lines, LadBaby have become one of Britain’s most well-known families with a global audience of over 13 million.

The husband-and-wife duo will have open and honest conversations with Celebrity Parents of the Year. These will include topic from sharing their own exploits, family stories and celebrity encounters, to offering fun and supportive guidance to other families facing life’s biggest dilemmas.

The first episode gives an insight into the couple’s journey from a normal family to a no.1 selling act. There will also be regular features including “Date Night Diaries”, “Living with a Southerner”, “Dial a Dilemma” and “Guess That Sound”.

Mark Hoyle says: “We’re so excited to be partnering with Global to launch our first ever podcast show Live Laugh Love.

“We’ve always enjoyed sharing our lives on social media, but this podcast is going to allow us to go one step further and connect with our audience in a bigger and more personal way than we’ve ever done before.

“I think people only truly know about 20% of our life, who we are, what we’re about and the people we meet, we genuinely can’t wait for everyone to see the rest and welcome everyone into our home on a weekly basis.”

Roxanne Hoyle added: “I can’t wait for everyone to finally be able to hear the podcast. It’s been something we’ve been working on for such a long time and I’m just excited that we can finally start telling people.

“Our lives have changed so much over the years it’s going to be fun letting everyone hear the journey and what we’re like as people and parents.

“I already know Mark’s mouth is going to get us into trouble with his embarrassing stories and celebrity encounters but it’s certainly going to keep everyone entertained.”

Ladbaby – Live Laugh Love is available on Global Player and all major podcast platforms every week from today, 27 April.

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