Marcus Rashford features in new Right2Food campaign podcast

Marcus Rashford, Dame Emma Thompson and Melissa Hemsley feature in a new four-part series of the Children’s Right2Food podcasts, released this week as a collaboration between the Food Foundation and Delicious Magazine

Presented by young food ambassadors, many of whom have experienced food poverty, the four episodes explore how to make the food system fairer and look at some of the solutions young people believe in.

In Episode 1 they meet with footballer Marcus Rashford, Dame Emma Thompson and Melissa Hemsley about the campaign they’ve been part of, and how young people can get their voices heard.

Dame Emma Thompson joined the Children’s Right2Food Campaign in 2019 and together with the young food ambassadors delivered the Right2Food Charter to 10 Downing Street to call for the establishment of a new, independent Children’s Food Commission to monitor and improve children’s food.

Episode 2 sees the young food ambassadors continue their mission to fix the broken food system in Britain. They investigate the huge increase across the UK of the use of food banks and speak to some on the front line of delivering the services.

Episode 3 will investigate the potential use of environmental labelling and local food markets to reduce the carbon footprint and make healthier food more accessible to everyone.

Episode 4 will look at how food is promoted and how the creative energy of the advertising industry could be a game changer in changing how we eat.  

 A new report published by the Food Foundation found that households with children have higher levels of food insecurity compared to those without. An estimated 2.3 million children live in households that have experienced food insecurity in the past 6 months since January (12% of households with children). 

Dame Emma Thompson, Children’s Right2Food Campaign Ambassador, said: “Lockdown has seen far too many parents and children experience food insecurity and these podcasts tell the stories of those who young people who have experienced this grim reality and are standing up to rally against it. That includes the heroic Marcus Rashford who has been a game changer in shining the light on child food poverty.”

Melissa Hemsley, Author and Chef, said: “I’m in so much admiration of these young people who channel their personal experiences of hardship into their campaigning on behalf of all children. The podcast has some truly inspiring voices – Emma Thompson and Marcus Rashford, who use their huge influence for the greater good. But, as I explain on the podcast, anyone who cares about the world can be an activist and inspire others to be too.”

Jani, 19, Young Food Ambassador, said: “I’m really proud of being part of this podcast series. Emma and I discuss some difficult subjects and some of my own experiences of food insecurity.  When I was younger I often didn’t play sport because I didn’t have enough to eat. Being listened to by Marcus Rashford is pretty amazing, as he understands how this feels but also shows us young activists that change is possible. We need more people lending their support to our campaign so every young person can get enough healthy food – listening to this podcast and sharing with a friend is a good way to get involved.”    

The podcasts were recorded all around the UK and produced by award-winning Delicious podcast producer Gilly Smith and are available via Apple, Spotify and all major podcast platforms.

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