Model and activist Lily Cole launches the second series of Who Cares Wins podcast

The second series of the Who Cares Wins podcast will see Lily Cole and her guests exploring polarising subjects that affect us today and try to unearth different climate solutions that we can all get on board with.

As an advocate for socio-political and environmental issues, model, activist and writer Lily Cole has become one of the most iconic faces of her generation.

Interviewing leading experts, activists and founders including David Attenborough, Elon Musk & Paul McCartney on topics such as technology, food, gender and capitalism, Lily’s podcast Who Cares Wins encourages us to listen deeply and choose optimism.

Season two of Who Cares Wins is now set to launch on Monday, 9 May, running until the end of summer. Each week will feature one full length guest interview, and one five-minute episode where Lily and her guest search for reasons to be optimistic in our ever changing world.

The first episode will pull the topic of gender & feminism into focus, featuring comedian and author Deborah Frances White, as the first guest. “The world has been run by posh white men for so long that I’m waiting for their crisis of confidence”, says Deborah. “Honing in on gender issues within the climate change conversation, she concludes that “you don’t have to be perfect to be a force for meaningful change”.

Guests in the newseries include the likes of Chelsea Clinton, Katherine Wilkinson, Chris Sweeney, Joe Lycett, Amika George, Christiana Figueres and Zarifa Gharafi.

Who Cares Wins is from production and promotion podcast studio, Mags Creative.

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