More Than My Past ends series two asking “What Can Be Done?”

The Forward Trust’s More Than My Past podcast is rounding off its second season by reviewing the series to consider possible actions needed.

The episode What’s to be Done, includes opinion on how to address rehabilitation for offenders and those suffering with addiction.

Once again, the call is made to banish short prison sentences and take a sympathetic, rather than punitive approach towards addiction.

Mike Trace, CEO of Forward Trust and interviewee on the episode says: “What we are trying to do with the More Than My Past podcast is showcase the inspirational stories of people who have been through prison or addiction and turned their lives around.

“In this last episode of series two, we discussed the advice our interviewees had for politicians on how to change drug policy or prison policy.”

The final episode of series two’s More Than My Past podcast will be available on 11 October.

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