New podcast series on the rise and fall of Salford’s Paul Massey

The story of Paul Massey, an underworld ‘Mr Big’ from Salford, who was shot dead on his own doorstep in a gangland execution, is explored in a new five-part podcast series from BBC Radio 5 Live.

Gangster, now available on BBC Sounds, charts the rise and fall of Massey – from a young tearaway on the streets of Salford, to the head of an organised crime group controlling drugs, security and nightclub doors in Manchester.

The series is presented by investigative reporter Livvy Haydock and tells Massey’s story via those who were closest to him, including Massey himself – through excerpts of a never before-broadcast interview.

Livvy Haydock says: “Telling the story of Salford’s ‘Mr Big’ was never going to be a straight forward one. But as a crime reporter, I’ve been really interested to learn all about the power and eventual downfall of Paul Massey.

“As with all notorious figures, Massey’s story isn’t completely black and white and I hope listeners enjoy being transferred back in time to 90s Manchester, learning about this extraordinary, hair-raising tale.”

It tells the inside story of how Massey took over Manchester’s iconic nightclub – the Hacienda – and muscled in on the rave scene to make a fortune from supplying drugs. Listeners will learn how he was regarded as a community hero by his neighbourhood, enforcing his own style of street justice before his demise when caught up in a violent gangland feud.

Gangster also explores the music scene, nightlife and sporting success in Manchester during the 1990s, at the height of Massey’s rule, when the city was considered the envy of the nation.

All episodes of Gangster are available now on BBC Sounds.

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