New series of BBC World Service podcast The Comb

Following a break, the first new episode of The Comb will look at the devastating impact of having your intimate images published online without your consent, through the eyes of two women in Uganda and Kenya.

Host Kim Chakanetsa and her team unearth surprising, fascinating and relevant stories, with the aim of reaching and engaging younger audiences across Africa.

The Comb tackles diverse topics and reflects a broad geographic spread across the continent. Among the stories coming up are:

  • Being young and divorced, and the expectations that young people in Egypt and Nigeria have of themselves and their relationships
  • How holding onto a life-changing secret shaped the life of a woman in Tanzania
  • Why an offer of a dream job outside of the country turned into a nightmare for two young men in South Africa and Kenya
  • How the legacy of slavery still impacts life for black Tunisians
  • The podcast will also follow a young Gambian footballer trying to make his dream of entering the Premier League come true

Listeners can also suggest stories for discussion and investigation.

Kim Chakanetsa says: “During the coming weeks we will continue to seek out stories and voices from Africa that might otherwise go unheard or unreported.

“We have some fantastic episodes lined up, covering a wide range of topics and offering fresh perspectives and exploring some fascinating stories. I’m excited to share them with our listeners.”

Mary Hockaday, Controller, BBC World Service English, says: “This is an extremely important podcast for the BBC and I am so pleased that it is back. The skilled and dedicated team from Focus On Africa have continued to work very hard to share their expertise on stories from Africa, and we hope The Comb will continue to be loved by its growing community of listeners who will help guide the stories which are covered.”

Alice Muthengi, Editor BBC Africa News & Current Affairs, says: “Kim and her team have great treats on the way. I want more people to hear these well-crafted stories that are all about our lives. So, please tell your friends to tell their friends that BBC’s The Comb is where it is at!”

The Comb will be available from 9 July on BBC Sounds and most podcast and audio-streaming apps.

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