New series of Dan Murray-Serter’s Secret Leaders podcast is launched

Entrepreneur and co-founder of braincare company Heights, Dan Murray-Serter is back with a new series of the Secret Leaders Podcast.

Each Tuesday, the podcast releases a long form interview with top Founders of startups, then on Thursdays, a short-form ‘How I Failed’ episode, featuring candid interviews with industry figureheads about setbacks in their career.

Dan’s first guest is Christian Angermeyer, the Founder of Apeiron Investment Group.

Christian invests in life sciences, fintech, AI, psychedelics and cryptocurrencies.

On the podcast, the pair discuss Christian’s discovery of psychedelics, and how his entrepreneurial journey began in his idyllic childhood, where he turned his passions into products that could make money.

Christian shares how his early finance company that he set up with friends fell apart and felt like a divorce. It was a failure that provided lots of lessons.

He also shares how his use of psychedelics aids him in making instinctual decisions: “My theory is what we call a gut feeling – where something inside us tells us either positively or negatively what to do – if you moderate your ego, you can hear that inner voice, that source all the time.

“In a very extreme version, you can access it all the time on psychedelics. One of the things which I’m trying to take away from psychedelic experiences is that I’m trying to access that wiser, wholesome, smart part of myself. It’s stupid to not try to harness that power,” he says.

The first guest for the Thursday short form episode in the new series is Kurt Davis, CEO and Founder of the Stealth Smiles startup, author and investor.

Kurt shares the story behind his first business, a mobile gaming app. Despite growth and finding mobile phone carriers to sell their product, things got tricky when long payment cycles created a cashflow issue.

To make things worse, Kurt’s business partner stepped away from the business, leaving him to decide if he was going to persevere, or walk away. He shares advice for others at this point: “Does it get you out of bed in the morning or does it make you stay in bed? If it’s the latter, you’ve got a problem,” he says.

Secret Leaders is available on Apple, Spotify, and all major podcast platforms.

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