New series of Sony Music’s investigative podcast series Smoke Screen

Smoke Screen: My Friend, The Serial Killer, the latest season of Sony Music’s hit investigative podcast series that explores shocking tales of crime and deception has launched.

Journalist and host Steve Fishman tells the story of serial killer Robert F. Carr III and, with the help of the killer’s daughter, investigates his personal connection to Carr’s heinous crimes that went on for a decade.

Fishman sets out to understand the man who he briefly met just months before his confession of multiple rapes and murders.

The killer picked him up hitchhiking and for some reason, let him go. The series includes never before heard confession tapes, interviews with detectives and a road trip to the scenes of his crimes. All the while Fishman continues to question how it happened, why he was spared and how he can revisit this dark story from so many years ago?

“My whole world was turned upside down at 19 years old working for a local Connecticut newspaper. The bells went off meaning a huge story had come in,” said Steve Fishman. “In that moment, I learned that I was almost the victim of a serial killer and for years I have searched for answers about this man who I narrowly escaped from.”

Sony Music Entertainment and Orbit Media, Smoke Screen: My Friend, The Serial Killer can be heard on The Binge, as well as all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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