New true crime podcast asks, “Who is the Cheese Wire Killer?”

Who is the Cheese Wire Killer? investigates one of Scotland’s most notorious unsolved murders of taxi driver, George Murdoch.

From Mind the Gap Creative, the true crime podcasts researched, written, produced and presented by Ryan Ogilvie, delves into the background of this murder which happened four decades ago.

On the evening of 29 September 1983, George picked a man up close to Aberdeen city centre.  For some unknown reason, George turned into a side street, and it was there, that his passenger took a cheese wire to George’s neck.  George, somehow managed to break free, however his assailant quickly caught him, brought him to the ground and strangled him to death.

The killer disappeared into the night, leaving George to die, alone at the side of the street.

Four decades later, this murder remains unsolved, and the police continue to investigate this cold case, with several promising leads.

This five-part podcast, told through a mixture of documentary and drama, interviews many people directly involved with this case.

These include some of the family and friends of George, the first police officer at the scene, the current Detective Inspector on the case, forensic scientists, criminal psychologists and more. The podcast uncovers many never heard before revelations about this gruesome case.

Host and owner of Mind the Gap Creative, Ryan Ogilvie says: “Because the murder happened 40 years ago and because it remains unsolved there are many parts of this case that remain unanswered. So, we have created dramatic scenes, with actors, to try and take the listener back in time, so they can really “feel” how this murder affected the victim’s family and the wider community.

“On the surface, you could look at this murder case as a robbery gone wrong. But when I interviewed a couple of forensic psychologists, they offered several fascinating theories on why this person may have committed this murder. One theory is even linked to the murderer potentially carrying out a scene from a famous movie.

“This murder was a brutal and sadistic killing. But as well as looking closely at the investigation, the podcast also looks at the human element of it, and particularly how the murder affected his widow and close family.”

The first episode of Who is the Cheese Wire Killer? will be released on 29 September, the 40th anniversary of George’s death.

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