New true-crime podcast Good Assassins: Hunting the Butcher launches

Diversion Media and iHeartRadio have launched a new weekly true-crime podcast series called Good Assassins: Hunting the Butcher.

Hosted by best-selling author and journalist, Stephan Talty (A Captain’s Duty, The Black Hand), the 12-part anthology series is part spy thriller, part detective case.

Good Assassins: Hunting the Butcher is the podcast version of Talty’s latest book, The Good Assassin, and tells the untold story of the secret mission to hunt down a savage, escaped Nazi murderer.

Led by a brilliant Mossad agent who lost his parents in the Holocaust, the hunt for the infamous Butcher of Latvia was a secretive espionage operation that altered the fates of all ex-Nazis.

Stephan Talty brings the story to life using interviews with the Butcher’s victims, the relatives of the Israeli agents, and ex-spies themselves, revealing for the first time this little-known chapter of Holocaust history and the undercover operation that brought The Butcher to justice.

In the first episode, a spy named Mio is called to a secret meeting in Paris. The Israeli government and its spy agency, Mossad has decided that Herbert Cukurs, “The Butcher of Latvia”, one of the most savage and prolific Nazi killers, must be tracked down and assassinated in South America, where’s he’s now living.

Mio must assume a secret identity, fly to Brazil, hunt down The Butcher and gain his trust, maybe even befriend him. The German government is considering an amnesty law for all the murderers of the Holocaust and Mio must complete his mission and send a message to the world before it’s too late.

The second episode looks at who the Butcher of Latvia was. Before World War II Herbert Cukurs was a national hero. He put Latvia on the map.

Cukurs was a big deal, but after the Nazis occupied Latvia, he became a monster, participating in the murder of 30,000 men, women, and even children. How did this decorated and ingenious aviator betray friends and neighbours to become a savage criminal with the blood of thousands on his hands?

Both episodes are available now, with new ones going up every Friday. They can be found on iHeartRadio, Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

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