New true crime podcast series Seventeen Years: The Andrew Malkinson Story launches

The Times and The Sunday Times, in collaboration with Wireless Studios, is launching a new true crime podcast series; Seventeen Years: The Andrew Malkinson Story.

In the six-part series award-winning Sunday Times journalist Emily Dugan investigates a potential miscarriage of justice, which could have cost a man nearly two decades of his life wrongfully behind bars.

In July 2003 a 33-year-old mother was raped and left for dead on a Greater Manchester roadside in a horrific attack. A few weeks later 37-year-old Andrew Malkinson was arrested for the crime.

Even though he didn’t fit the profile of a violent attacker and there was never any forensic evidence against him, he was found guilty in court and sentenced to life in prison.

During this series Dugan uncovers a raft of fresh evidence which casts doubt on the verdict and the criminal justice process in the UK.

She speaks with people that have never spoken publicly before, reveals the criminal pasts of key witnesses which were hidden from the jury, uncovers potential suspects that weren’t thoroughly investigated by police and takes stock of what a miscarriage of justice can do to the humans at the heart of it.

Malkinson continues to protest his innocence and has repeatedly tried to clear his name. Released last December on life licence, he remains a convicted sex offender.

The Sunday Times reporter Emily Dugan said: “The case of Andy Malkinson stood out to me from the moment I heard about it. If he has been wrongfully convicted, then he’s spent almost two decades of his life incorrectly behind bars.

“The series asks big questions about the UK’s criminal justice process as well as uncovering aspects of the story that have never been heard before. It makes for compelling listening for both true crime fans and anyone hoping to better understand the potential flaws in our legal system.”

The 6 episode podcast series will be released weekly and available on most podcast platforms from this Friday, 24 September. They will run every Friday on the Stories of our Times podcast feed and The Reporter feed.

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