Nicky Campbell meets another abuse survivor in Different podcast

On Nicky Campbell’s BBC Radio 5 Live podcast Different, he hears from another Edinburgh Academy survivor.

Earlier this year, Nicky bravely revealed he was the victim of alleged abuse at a Scottish private school in the 1970s on an episode of Different.

In the latest episode, he is once again joined by journalist Alex Renton and they talk to Neil Russell, who only came forward after hearing Nicky speak.

Alex explains that he’s had 81 credible and serious disclosures against 19 teachers at Edinburgh Academy as a direct result of the first podcast.

Nicky reveals how he feels like a fraud given the extent of the alleged abuse some other survivors suffered compared to him, he says: “After the deluge of everything and the publicity after we did our first podcast and on the back of In Dark Corners the people I’ve spoken to who were abused systematically and routinely for a long time, compared to what so many of the other boys have said to me who have come to me, I felt like a bit of a fraud.”

He also talks about a conversation with his sister where she outlined how Nicky’s behaviour changed suddenly shortly after his beating at the hands of his teacher.

Meanwhile, Neil reveals he had no plans to ever report the alleged abuse before hearing Nicky speak and now he’s spoken to police and the Scottish Child Abuse Enquiry.

BBC Radio 5 Live – Different with Nicky Campbell is available on BBC Sounds.

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