Original adaptation of Katherine May’s memoir of self-discovery is launched by Audible

Audible has launched The Electricity of Every Living Thing, based on the memoir of the same name by Sunday Times best-selling author Katherine May.

Across nine episodes the podcast invites listeners to step into the wild and immerse themselves into a drama adaptation that offers an enlightening perspective on the autistic experience.

The series follows Katherine, voiced by Amy McAllister, as she journeys along the 630-mile South West Coastal Path.

Determined to reconnect with her sense of self and rediscover her love of nature, she seeks to understand why everyday life can feel overwhelming and isolating; why sensory environments can become all-consuming and why normality seems to involve social expectations that are exhausting.

Starting with a chance encounter with a voice on the radio that sparks the realisation that she may be autistic, answers begin to unfold. Katherine’s tour soon becomes a process of both psychological and physical exploration with moments of discovery as she navigates and re-evaluates her life so far.

In this adaptation, Katherine’s story is recreated as an immersive sensory journey, which uses binaural sound, detailing a different way of being in the world – and becomes a different way of experiencing an audio drama.

The immersive sound design has intentionally mirrored how Katherine feels like everything has an electrical charge and current, which brings the listeners in on her psychological journey.  Listeners are therefore encouraged to try playback on both headphones and speakers before making a choice on what is best for them.

Adapted to audio by Julie Parsons, directed by Caitriona Shoobridge, this brand-new series also features a neurodiverse creative team including neurodivergent artists as writers, directors, performers, musicians, sound designers and consultants.

Katherine May says: “I’m astonished by what the creative team has achieved here. The result is moving, beautiful and immersive, and the binaural soundscape is a journey in itself.

“I think this shows what a neurodivergent team can achieve – this is a creative leap forward, full of technical innovation, artistic quality and emotional depth. I’m so honoured that my memoir has received this clever, careful treatment.”

The Electricity of Every Living Thing is available to listen to exclusively on Audible.

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