PAPER CUTS is the brand-new podcast from Podmasters

Indie studio Podmasters is launching PAPER CUTS, a brand-new podcast dissecting our national press.

The series is hosted by Miranda Sawyer, who will be joined by seasoned journalists including Marie le Conte (Independent), Rob Hutton (The Critic), Jonn Elledge (New Statesman) and Alex Von Tunzelmann, plus exasperated comedians Fin Taylor, Athena Kugblenu Ria Lina, Fergus Craig and Grainne Maguire.

In the thrice-weekly podcast, the commentators and comedians come together to look at the madness, the strangeness, the obsessions, and occasionally, the brilliance of our national press.

Topics will range from the Mail’s obsession with Woke to the Daily Star’s war on pigeons (“FEATHERED PSYCHOS!”) to all the things the Guardian is telling you not to enjoy, as the podcast digs into the newspapers’ own private manias – and what they tell us about Britain.

“I can’t wait to get my teeth into the Great British press, along with the funniest people in journalism and the smartest comedians,” says Miranda Sawyer.

“For good or ill, digital or not, we’re a newspaper nation. Sometimes reading the papers feels like being trapped with a mad auntie – and sometimes it’s like talking to the cleverest person you know.

“We’re going to enjoy the weirdness, celebrate the good stuff and have fun with all of it on a podcast that will make your day.”

Group Editor at Podmasters, Andrew Harrison adds: “We’re really excited for PAPER CUTS to be the latest from the Podmasters stable. We’re all newspaper junkies here. We’re addicted to the excitement of tomorrow’s front pages and the joy of a laugh-out-loud headline.

“But people are a lot less trusting of the press today, and more knowing about the papers’ failings, their biases and their weird fixations. It’s the perfect time to put the boot in – in the kindest way possible, of course.”

Launching on 5 June, PAPER CUTS will release every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on all podcast platforms.

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