Podcast explores death of Indian judge and connection to Prime Minister

Killing Justice investigates how one man’s death has added to increasingly polarised politics in India.

From Crooked Media and The Branch, the series kicks off with the mysterious death of Judge Brijgopal Loya who suddenly passes from a heart attack right after he refuses to accept a bribe from Modi’s right-hand man, Amit Shah, but his family refuses to accept the shadowy explanation.

His niece approaches a journalist two years later and shares a different story: that the circumstances around Judge Brijgopal Loya’s death have made his family doubt the official story.

Following the reporting and legal fallout that arise from this tip, host Ravi Gupta examines the conflicting evidence and considers the broader implications a single night in the city of Nagpur has on the world’s largest democracy.

Released against the backdrop of India’s election, Killing Justice delves into the shadowy world of India’s political power players, including Amit Shah, a longtime operative who helped catapult Modi to political dominance, who is at the centre of the Judge Brijgopal Loya case.

Ravi’s findings show how the justice system works for India’s political elite, creating a market where true justice is eluded and innocence can be bought and sold.

Ravi Gupta is a journalist, founder and CEO of The Branch, former Obama staffer and co-host of the Majority 54 podcast.

The first three episodes of Killing Justice are available now, with future episodes released each Monday on all podcast Platforms.

The podcast is not available in India.

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