Podcaster delves into little-known social anxiety to do with phones

Telephobia is a little-known social anxiety causing a fear of making or receiving phone calls, which has intrigued a British podcaster into punching 11 random digits into his phone and asking whoever answers a personal question about life, love, sex, friendship and infidelity.

CK Goldiing, a double award-winning Creator from Sheffield and host of the ‘Worry About it Later’ podcast admits: “I’m ashamed to say I didn’t know Telephobia was a thing until three weeks ago when someone tweeted about it. My long-standing curiosity about strangers coupled with my research into Telephobia inspired this feature.

“Obviously, when I ring strangers and ask them personal questions, there is a degree of apprehension there, after all, neither of us have the luxury of seeing each other’s face, which in the real world, definitely eases social awkwardness.

“Some of the people I call are shy and think chatting to a guy they don’t know is odd, so they hang-up, but I love finding those friendly souls who are willing to have a meaningful chat with me – it’s delicious.”

So far, Goldiing’s unsolicited calls have featured Bo, from Kent – who, when asked what’s the worst thing a friend could ever do to her, answered, “Sleep with my boyfriend!”. Asked the same question, Elvis, from Bristol, was unusually forgiving, answering, “Nothing, I could forgive most things.” Amusingly, one man’s idea of a friend’s indiscretion was, “If he stood on my new trainers!”

Elsewhere in the weekly podcast, one woman was asked if she can be completely certain of her husband’s fidelity. She replied, “Yes, absolutely.” As the conversation developed, we learned that she and her husband have been married for fifty years.

Goldiing’s innovative content extends beyond podcasting – having previously released award-winning short films, documentaries and advertising campaigns – all showcasing his natural talent for engaging meaningfully with strangers.

Listen to a selection of CK’s phone calls here. Stream his podcast on Apple, Spotify or Google.

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