Podimo launch new podcast series Letters From A Killer

Podimo is launching a new 15-part podcast series, Letters From A Killer, which is available to stream on all podcast platforms now.

Made by Transistor Films, the makers of the hit true-crime Netflix documentary series, I Am A Killer, this new podcast series is a gripping, immersive, and personal journey into the mind of a murderer.

Letters From A Killer is the brainchild of documentary makers Zoe Hines and Ned Parker as they dissect and discuss intimate letters written to them by convicted killers facing life in prison or the death penalty.

Over the past five years they have received over 2,000 letters with each episode focusing solely on one particular inmates’ letter, providing listeners a unique insight into the mind of a murderer as they share their own deeply personal and often shocking story.

The innermost thoughts, painful recollections and dark reflections of life sentence and death row inmates on their crimes and reasons for conviction are revealed in the series. The makers say that listener discretion is advised.

The podcast draws on themes within the letters such as “what makes a murderer?” and “can a convicted murderer support capital punishment?”.

Through voice-acted and sound-designed recreations which are deeply personal and sometimes shocking in detail, Letters From A Killer is a fresh and unique window into true crime storytelling.

Zoe Hines said: “Making Letters from a Killer has involved looking back at some of the most remarkable correspondence our team of documentary researchers has exchanged with inmates, convicted of murder.

“It’s been a fascinating opportunity to look again at some of the most challenging, thought-provoking letters we’ve received. And to think not only about the words and phrases used to tell each story. But also to discuss what, if anything, could or should be read between the lines.”

The first episode Merciful Murderer, which is available now, features Joe Sandoval. In 2002, he and colleagues took part in “the deadliest bank robbery attempt in the history of the state of Nebraska.” The robbery resulted in the death of five innocent people. No money was taken. It all happened in less than sixty seconds. Sandoval details the events of that day with film script accuracy.

Letters From A Killer will be released weekly on all podcast platforms.

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