Production company Argonon moves into podcasts with Forbidden History

Like a Shot Entertainment, part of the Argonon Group, has launched its first podcast, Forbidden History.

The podcast follows the success of the long running international TV series of the same name, and it marks Argonon’s move into the audio-on-demand space for the first time.

Hosted by Janine Harouni, the ten-part series features true crime stories through history, looking at the lives of intriguing individuals to uncover the truth behind some of history’s most controversial legacies.

Episode one launches with Hitler’s Niece: Suicide or Murder. It explores the controversial death of Geli Raubal, Hitler’s 23-year-old niece. She was found dead from a shotgun wound from a gun owned by Hitler after they’d been heard arguing. The official verdict was suicide.

Forbidden History asks what is the truth? Was this suicide or murder? And how did this case affect the Nazi Party’s rise to power?

Future episodes include The Strange Life of Peter the Great, the brutal Tsar of Russia and Finding Mary Magdalene, which follows history enthusiasts trying to solve one of history’s greatest mysteries.

The podcast on the back of the success of the TV series Forbidden History, which has run over multiple series and currently airs on Yesterday (UKTV) in the UK and Discovery Channel in the US.

Like a Shot is partnering with Viasat World to release non-English language versions in Eastern Europe and the podcast is distributed by Auddy.

Henry Scott, co-executive producer and MD of Like a Shot Entertainment commented: “Our evolution into the hugely exciting and fast-growing podcast space is an important moment for Like a Shot as we broaden our ambitions, expand our breadth of content and extend our creative storytelling expertise into audio-on-demand.

“Our first ever podcast season builds on the success of our long-running international TV series, which has attracted a loyal fanbase across the UK and US, to explore incredible and little-known historical stories through the immersive and intimate medium of audio.”

Forbidden History launches on 12 October and will be available on all podcast platforms.

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