Secret Leaders podcast launches mini-series about entrepreneurial failures

A new mini-series of Secret Leaders launched today will uncover what it’s really like to face failure as an entrepreneur.

Hosted by Dan Murray-Serter, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of braincare company Heights, the series will feature candid interviews with industry figureheads about setbacks in their career.

Listeners can glean hard-won advice and learnings as the leaders dissect some of their lesser-known failures, often sharing how these early failures brought their businesses to the place they are today.

In this special launch episode, Dan welcomes Trinny Woodall, TV star and Founder of Trinny London.

Trinny shares how in 1998, she launched an internet business – an early attempt at personalising the fashion experience for women – but struggled to make it profitable. Having raised money with ease and built a team with dozens of engineers, she had to shut the company down and let her employees go.

Speaking candidly about how she eventually found peace with this, Trinny shares: “When you can see that it needn’t affect your future, it’s easier to talk about it. It’s about how quickly you can get to that place. What you did then is not who you’re going to be in the future remembering that is the most important thing. It’s definitely going to give stuff that will make you better in the future, but it’s not your future.”

Guests in the upcoming series include Nikhil Shah (Founder of MixCloud), Alexandra Farrell (Founder of a few things), Chris Cabrera (Founder of Xactly), Richard Clark (Founder of Drynks), Steve Witt (Founder of Not Just Travel), Giles Harrison (Co-Founder of Scupld), Spenser Skates (Co-Founder of unicorn Amplitude), Amanda Perry (Founder of Soupagency) and Benjamin Chemla (Co-Founder of Stuart and Shares).

Secret Leaders is available on Apple, Spotify, and all major podcast platforms.

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