Sleep Cove, the wellness podcast of guided meditation and sleep hypnosis

Sleep Cove, hosted by Christopher Fitton, is a guided meditation and sleep hypnosis podcast with content specially designed to help listeners relax, de-stress and get a peaceful night’s sleep.

In the UK, it’s reported that 36% of adults struggle with insomnia, and similarly in the US, 30% have been diagnosed with a sleep disorder. With cases on the rise, insomnia and a poor mental health crisis needs to be addressed.

In the midst of the world-wide pandemic, Christopher Fitton, a clinical hypnotherapist, knew he had to help the millions of people who couldn’t sleep.

Understanding the powerful benefits of hypnotherapy, he launched Sleep Cove which offers free meditation audio and hypnosis, hosted by Christopher himself.

Sleep Cove has reached over 30 million people around the world who struggle with insomnia, and poor mental health.

“Mindfulness, meditation, and hypnotherapy is clinically proven to help you sleep, and I knew being a practitioner that these techniques help relax people and soothe them at bedtime,” says Christopher.

“Pandemic anxiety, health worries, negative news, poor job security, combined with reduced exercise, is a perfect storm that keeps people awake at night.

“I knew the power of hypnotherapy and guided meditations would help people not only to relax but get a good night’s sleep, and I wanted to share this experience with a wider audience”.

The podcast features relaxing sleep hypnosis, meditations and bedtime stories all designed to help those who struggle with sleep to achieve a restful and peaceful night.

Sleep Cove is available on the Youtube, Apple, Spotify, the Sleep Cove website and all major podcast platforms.

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