Vodafone Business and Enterprise Nation launch small business podcast

Vodafone Business has partnered with Enterprise Nation to launch a weekly podcast featuring the work small businesses do every day. 

The Small Business Sessions will feature real start-up founders and business owners talking about their journey to success – as well as some of the not so successful challenges along the way. 

The series is part of the business.connected initiative, a programme of free support delivered by Vodafone Business and small business support platform and membership community Enterprise Nation. 

The podcasts aim to give listeners everything they need to know about starting and growing a business, as well as tips on embracing the power of digital tools and marketing. With a crucial year ahead for the British economy, the podcast will provide a weekly briefing with pragmatic tips from those that are adept at navigating change.  

The host of the podcast is Dan Martin, who is a seasoned small business journalist and podcast enthusiast.  

Emma Jones, CBE, founder and CEO of Enterprise Nation, said: “The Small Business Sessions are going to be the only podcast small businesses need to set you up for the coming week.  

“It’s important for us to keep our small business listeners ahead of the game with tips and inspiring stories from people that have experienced the highs – and the lows – of running a start-up or small business and come out the other side. 

“With our new podcast we want everyone else to join the conversation.” 

The guests on the podcast include Ailis Topley, founder of ceramic natural candle firm Pott Candles, who turned a lockdown hobby into £1m in sales; Kay Suppamas, founder of on-trend London-based terrarium firm Leafage, and Navjot Sawhney, founder of the Washing Machine Project, who is on a mission to provide displaced and low-income communities with an accessible, off-grid washing solution, empowering women with the time to take charge of their lives. 

Ailis, who’s interview is now live, gave some tips to would-be entrepreneurs. She said: “So I’d say be naive, you know, be naive, don’t let anyone tell you can’t do it and don’t take no for an answer, just keep going if you truly believe in it, but also be really clear about what you’re trying to do. 

“I think naivety is a superpower. Don’t let people tell you that it can’t be done. Don’t let people kind of dampen your vision and you’re super clear about what you want to do and how you want to do it.”

The Small Business Sessions has launched today, 11 October, with new episodes released every Wednesday on all podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. It’s also available from the Enterprise Nation website.

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