Who Cares Wins with Lily Cole Father’s Day Special features Chris Sweeney

In the lead up to Father’s Day 2022, the latest episode of Who Cares Wins explores topics such as fatherhood in the context of being queer and how male allyship looks like.

This week, Lily is be joined by director, writer and podcast royalty, Chris Sweeney.

Chris has taken the podcasting world by storm. Having founded the smash hit Homo Sapiens Podcast with Will Young, Chris Sweeney now hosts solo, inviting all conversations from the LGBTQ+ community, looking at the world from a queer perspective.

Speaking about fatherhood as a gay man and how to provide a platform for marginalised voices, the Homo Sapiens Podcast host shares interesting insights with Lily: “I try and be the platform rather than the spokesperson because I don’t think feminism needs my voice. It needs my support and I think I quite enjoy being the stage that people can get on and do their thing.

“We have a rule on the podcast, for example, that we would never talk about something without the person who represents it present.”

On the pressure of presenting an image, Chris says: “The pressure on straight CIS men to perform as straight CIS men is just as real as it is for queer men. They’re too busy trying to hold up the walls of some weird man image they’re supposed to uphold.”

The Father’s Day special of Who Cares Wins, from production and promotion podcast studio Mags Creative, is now available on all podcast platforms.

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