Boots launches a wellness podcast

Boots has launched its own wellness podcast hosted by renowned podcaster and TV personality Vogue Williams.

In Taboo Talk, Williams shares her own experiences across a number of topics and encourages her celebrity guests to share their innermost thoughts on their own health and wellbeing challenges.

Guests lined-up include Jamie Laing, Rochelle Humes, Ashley James, Jonny Wilkinson and many more.

The seven-episode pilot openly discusses topics we may be worried or embarrassed about, such as anxiety, sleep, pregnancy, sex and periods. In addition to celebrity guests, the series also features healthcare professionals to offer expert advice on how to tackle those commonly stigmatised health concerns.

Reality star Jamie Laing features in the first episode, which is now available, where he speaks candidly about anxiety.

He reveals he has suffered from anxiety from as young as 8 years old and said that he “felt like he was dying” during a particularly bad 6-hour panic attack. 

Speaking openly to Vogue, Jamie recalls being diagnosed with “depersonalisation” by a Psychotherapist following what he describes as a 2 week “out of body experience.”

In addition to the revelations in the episode, Jamie shares his honest experience on navigating anxiety whilst in the spotlight and his attempts to mask it for years.  Jamie is keen to eliminate the stigma associated with anxiety, particularly for men, and provides insightful advice on coping mechanisms.

Taboo Talk podcast host, Vogue Williams says: “I am delighted to be hosting the Taboo Talk podcast with Boots as it opens up discussions on a range of health and wellbeing topics very close to my heart.

“The podcast not only reveals some very entertaining experiences and stories by our guests, it also shares some practical advice for listeners. Taboo Talk provides a space where guests and medical professionals try to break down the stigma attached to certain health issues, and I am proud to be a part of the conversation.”

Helen Jeremiah, Director of Brand and Customer Communications at Boots UK says: “Boots UK is committed to helping people on their journey to be healthy and happy. This includes all aspects of physical health, mental health and wellbeing.

“We are thrilled to launch the Taboo Talk podcast that will shed light on important health concerns and tackle those so-called ‘taboo’ topics head-on. We will continue to open the conversation to help the nation understand that we can all speak out and we are really proud of how open and honest our guests have been. At Boots we have loads of ways to help that might surprise some people.”

Taboo Talk is released each Wednesday (from 28 July) and is available on Acast, Spotify and Apple.

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