Chris Kamara talks celebrity crush on That’s a First podcast

Chris Kamara joins Maisie Adam and Tom Lucy on the latest That’s a First podcast where he talks about singing with Robbie Williams and Danny Jones, recording his Christmas album, his first time reporting from a stadium on Soccer Saturday, his younger years’ crush on Sally Thomsett from The Railway Children and how Lorraine Kelly is his dream wife.

Chris says that he got a call from Danny Jones who said that he and Robbie Williams were doing a lockdown song, One Direction’s History and wondered if he fancied joining them. He said he wasn’t daunted by it because he’s sang with them before for Soccer Aid.

“When we’re put away for the week during Soccer Aid, the lads entertain the lads, so we have a singalong and stuff like that,” Chris explains, “I’m brave enough to get involved with them you know, even though they’re megastar singers. I always fancy myself to compete alongside them, so I get up and sing,” he adds.

There’s a new Christmas album coming from Chris, it’ll be his second, after releasing one last year. This time he started recording it last February with a plan to record a new one each month, but the pandemic put a stop to that although he was able to start again in July.

Most people know of Chris because of his football commentary and Tom asked if he remembered doing it the first time.

“Yeah, 2002 it was – such a long time ago,” Chris recalls, adding, “So you have to remember, because people immediately remember me missing the red card.”

It was an Oxford versus Walsall game and Chris was very nervous, he tells the story of a disagreement he had with an ITV cameraman at the ground, who said Chris and his team were in his place. It led to an argument and Chris explains how the studio had to cut away from him, saying there were technical difficulties.

When Chris had to rummage in the bag to select a lucky dip question, has he ever fancied a friend’s mum, he answered: “Not quite. But when The Railway Children was on I made the mistake of saying to my wife “I do like her, Sally Thomsett”.

His wife has never let him forget it, he says and asks ‘what’s she got that I haven’t got? What do you see in her?’

Chris added: “We saw a picture of her because she’s old now and she went “do you still fancy her now?” And I said “you’re taking it to the extreme! You’re throwing it in my face! She looks fine now.” She’ll never let me forget that crush!”

If that’s not enough, he says that currently, his TV crush is Lorraine Kelly, “She’s got a fantastic character, she’s a brilliant interviewer, she’s a football fan. And she goes to football consistently – my dream wife,” he admits – probably getting himself into more trouble!

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