Global launches new podcast You’re Wrong About ADHD

A new podcast from Global, You’re Wrong About ADHD, is hosted by Classic FM’s Katie Breathwick and Sam Pittis.

The podcast series will include relatable stories from the hosts alongside insight and advice from expert guests. It’s for those diagnosed with ADHD later in life, those who have spent a lifetime knowing (but not always understanding it) and partners and parents.

Each week, longtime friends, Katie and Sam – who have both recently been diagnosed with ADHD – will explore their individual journeys of discovery – the highs, the lows, the myths and misunderstandings about the condition.

Sam Pittis said: “I thought I knew what ADHD was, but that misconception meant I wasn’t diagnosed until I was nearly 37. There’s much more to ADHD than the clips you see on social media.

“Katie and I hope that by sharing our stories, hearing the experiences of others and by speaking to experts, we can learn how to live with ADHD.”

Katie Breathwick added: “ADHD is slippery. Some days it turns you into a superhero and gives you more energy than anyone else in the room. Other days you don’t recognise yourself in the mirror.

“Finding out my old friend Sam also has it has made the initial shock of my diagnosis so much easier. I hope our exploration of everything ADHD means no one has to feel alone. We can all go on that journey together.”

Vicky Etchells, Head of News and Factual podcasts at Global commented: “It’s believed 1 in 20 adults in the UK has ADHD but only a fraction has had a formal diagnosis.

“You’re Wrong About ADHD aims to create a home for people with ADHD, those awaiting a diagnosis, and their friends, family and colleagues sharing the highs and lows of the condition.

“Katie and Sam share their own experiences with honesty, warmth and humour and I’m delighted that they can take listeners on the journey to prove you may actually be wrong about your preconceptions of ADHD – whatever they are.”

Launching Monday 6 November, new episodes of You’re Wrong About ADHD will be available on Global Player and other platforms every Monday, with shorter 35-minute episodes designed with people with ADHD in mind.

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