Global launches new political memoir podcast series Unprecedented

A new political memoir podcast series gives an exclusive account of Guto Harri’s time as Director of Communications in Downing Street.

From Global, Unprecedented charts Guto’s experience working for the former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, where he was exposed to the inner workings of government.

Attending top secret meetings about Brexit, Covid, the war in Ukraine and the scandals that have plagued politics for the past decade, Guto documented it all and, for the first time, shares his story. He reveals what really went on behind the famous black door.

Guto Harri says: “It’s hard to think of a more turbulent period in British politics, with such a fascinating character at the helm. We all saw the scandals but there’s so much more to report and we owe it to history to provide the insight and perspective that comes from having a ringside seat on the inside.”

Vicky Etchells, Head of News and Factual Podcasts, Global Player says: “The premiership of Boris Johnson encapsulates a time like no other. From the war in Ukraine to the Covid pandemic, Guto Harri, one of Johnson’s closest allies and former Director of Comms, had a front row seat to it all and I’m delighted he is sharing his story for the first time on Unprecedented.

“In this gripping political memoir podcast series Guto will take listeners into the rooms where decisions that affected us all are made and shine a light on the inner workings of one of the most turbulent governments we have witnessed in modern history.”

The limited six-part podcast series includes exclusive interviews and clips from the news archive to provide insight into the key decisions that have changed the course of UK history.

Unprecedented will be available exclusively on Global Player every Thursday from 11 May and on other platforms every Friday.

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